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จักรยานติดเครื่องยนต์ Motorized Bicycle Bicycle Engine

Welcome to the world of classic bicycle ROADWING BIKE engine.

Motorized bicycle that is ready

to take you to a new journey.

That both health

And the rest is not too tired.

Designed in a retro style, Classic look beautiful


2-stroke engine with 49 CC.

The state tolerate any easier to maintain.

Disc brake system with front.

And V brake rear Improve driving safety.

There are also set to tune out continuously.

You have fun with all versions ROADWING BIKE.

The holidays and busy day at

work.     To   rest easy.

Along with ROADWING BIKE will
make you relax.

And enjoy a trip to the natural


To fill with life and energy to

fighting continues.

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