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จักรยานติดเครื่องยนต์ Motorized Bicycle Bicycle Engine

About Us

      ROAD WING from the group of young people who love bikes. And like to travel far to experience nature to complete after busy day at work.

     So have no idea what to do. To be able to ride a bike, go far in style to Turing. In order to travel through the body. And makes the body tired and fatigue because it will be too tired when we do not want to travel to a destination.

     Any idea to find a small engine to put into the bike. To help the labor-saving When we are tired from cycling. Small engines can use a blender instead. Allows us to destinations anywhere. Have fun and not too tired.

     On March 1, 2551, to begin the design of the vehicle and engine By design, the overall shape has been designed from Mr.POP (Mr.Suprawatt Intirux ) , in engine design and engineering by Mr.Nuim ( Mr.Panavith Intirux ) ,Filling in and the bike was designed by Mr.Tor (Mr.Torpong Pongnuch).

       When the model and data model car is made by hand and assembled by a technician Mr.Niran. And Use engines from Taiwan. And were driving until a satisfactory Finds a plant that will be capable of producing bicycle parts and engines as we want, And can find a factory in Taiwan with two factories at a plant, 1 st manufacturer of bicycle components, especially to us. And Factory 2 rd will be produced by the engine to us

        All parts are manufactured to be imported to Thailand and assembled by hand, by technicians Mr.Niran. (Chang produced prototype car to us) and tested by us. All cars before delivery to customers.

You can be assured that all vehicles ROADWING that all vehicles are tested before delivery to customers.

        ROADWING team everyone wanted to try the Thai people turned to ROADWING motorized bicycles on the road.
Travel holiday To experience. To experience the true nature of travel.

And want to make good use of the Thai people cheap.
Proprietary design and assembly by skilled Thai

         We will develop and design a model or models under the brand ROADWING in classic and retro. Continuously.
For customers who want to ROADWING stored as a collection that also can be used practically.

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